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Winslow Homer: The West Wind, 1891, Oil on canvas, 30 x 44 in

doo doo                   doo
doo            doo doo doOoOoOOooo doo doo
doo           doo doo           doo dooO OooOo

      doo doo      Doo doo
                                             doo doo

while youuuuuu are awaaayyy
                 my heart comes undone 
  sloowwwllyyy unravellsss            in a balll of yarn

the devil!! collects it… with a grin… our love…. in a ball of yarn
…he’ll never return it.

        so when you come back…
              we’ll have to make new love… 


Run for it
Charles H. Traub, Italy, 1980’s
George Oberteuffer, Tuileries, Paris
silvie72 - Tenniscourt in preparation I 
A pre-winter storm off the coast of southwestern Australia, photographed from the International Space Station on March 29, 2014. (NASA/Flickr)